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Mobile App PenTesting as a Service

Tap into the premier suite of vulnerability assessment tools and services, all orchestrated by Aegisbyte's team of seasoned experts. Our Mobile App Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) combines state-of-the-art automated security scans with bespoke penetration tests, offering the consistency, depth, and breadth needed to meet all your security demands. Whether you need a single penetration test or a continuous service, you can take advantage of our decade-long experience in threat analysis, proven attack strategies, and a sophisticated mix of automated and manual tests honed across countless assessments.

Aegisbyte Penetration Testing by the Numbers


Years of mobile app security expertise


Mobile app penetration tests completed


Standards-based verifications and certifications completed


2 days rapid scope pen tests & 2 weeks full scope pen tests

Industry Leading Mobile App Pen Testing

Penetration tests are crucial for launching new mobile apps, implementing significant updates, managing sensitive information, and meeting industry compliance standards. Aegisbyte's Pen Test services adopt a consultative strategy to model potential threats within the mobile app, spot security vulnerabilities, and deliver practical solutions. These include both remediation consultations and follow-up tests for verification. By upgrading to Aegisbyte's Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), you gain the added advantage of continuous automated testing, coupled with specialized manual penetration tests, for maximum security impact.

Confidence To Deliver More Secure Apps

Aegisbyte Pen Testing Services kick off with a detailed risk profile analysis, enabling us to tailor the depth of security testing needed for each specific mobile app. This personalized approach ensures that the test results are not only accurate but also highly relevant, allowing businesses to swiftly address the most pressing security concerns. This accelerates the app's time-to-market while bolstering confidence in its security. When you upgrade to Aegisbyte's Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), you benefit from continuous automated testing. This feature automatically scrutinizes all app builds and releases between scheduled manual pen tests, effectively closing any gaps in your security coverage.

Test For Complex Requirements

Aegisbyte's Pen Testing Services begin by thoroughly analyzing the risk profiles of each mobile app to precisely determine the extent of security testing needed. This tailored approach ensures that the test results are not just accurate but also directly relevant, equipping businesses to address the most critical security concerns more efficiently. This speeds up the app's time-to-market and enhances confidence in its security. With the addition of Aegisbyte's Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), continuous automated testing is introduced. This feature automatically assesses all builds and updates between scheduled manual penetration tests, effectively eliminating any lapses in security coverage.

Collaborate To Repair And Verify Fixes

A key hurdle for enterprises is not just identifying mobile app vulnerabilities but also quickly fixing them. Aegisbyte's team of experts collaborates with both the development and security teams to accelerate this resolution process. After the initial testing phase is complete, our specialists conduct follow-up tests to confirm that all critical vulnerabilities pinpointed during the pen test have been effectively resolved.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Numerous industry standards and regulations mandate penetration testing that goes well beyond traditional web app security measures to prove compliance. Aegisbyte's Pen Testing Services allow client organizations to reliably, adaptably, and promptly meet or surpass these standards, all within a certified lab setting. This not only improves alignment and collaboration between development and security teams but also enhances the quality of the product and accelerates its time-to-market.


API Security Testing For Mobile

Automatically detect all APIs connected to your mobile application in order to uncover unidentified 'shadow' APIs, and assess their risk levels based on the OWASP API Top 10 criteria.


Standards-based Assessment and Reporting

Aegisbyte's specialized penetration testing services adhere to well-established security industry standards, including the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) and the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). Beyond furnishing an executive summary designed for stakeholder dissemination, our comprehensive penetration testing reports feature in-depth attack scenarios, meticulously ranked by both risk and severity levels. These reports also provide essential contextual information, such as the statistical likelihood of a particular vulnerability being exploited and the corresponding potential impact on the organization. Most critically, these reports include a detailed remediation guideline, offering developers precise steps for addressing identified vulnerabilities in their mobile applications.


Collaborative Remediation and Re-Testing

Upon completion of the initial penetration test, the substantive phase of collaboration with Aegisbyte experts commences. Instead of merely forwarding a report, our analysts serve as dedicated, trusted advisors to both your mobile app security and development teams. We arrange consultative sessions with both groups to dissect the test results and provide hands-on guidance to developers for remedying identified security flaws. Aegisbyte not only helps solve problems by mentoring and answering any questions that come up, but they also do free retests when needed to make sure everything is still within the scope and following the rules.


The Aegisbyte Difference

Aegisbyte provides the industry's premier Mobile App Penetration Testing service, characterized by an expert-guided, consultative methodology that aims to facilitate the launch of high-quality mobile applications and ensure reliable certifications. With over 8 years of specialized focus on mobile platforms, a track record of rigorously testing thousands of mobile applications, and unparalleled expertise in mobile security, Aegisbyte delivers an accurate, comprehensive, and customized testing approach. Our service excellence is augmented by exceptional customer engagement, flexible scheduling options, and rapid turnaround times, positioning Aegisbyte as your invaluable mobile app security team. Beyond basic testing, Aegisbyte advances its service deliverables with meticulous reporting that includes risk prioritization based on severity and potential organizational impact. We also offer remediation assistance and follow-up retesting to validate the efficacy of the implemented security measures, solidifying our position as the foremost provider of mobile app penetration testing services.

Comprehensive Array of Penetration Testing Solutions to Satisfy Your Specific Needs

Our specialists initiate the engagement by developing a threat model tailored to the specific mobile application requirements of each client. The Aegisbyte team then offers in-depth consultation on remediation strategies and verification procedures, as well as a free retest to demonstrate the effectiveness of implemented repairs and mitigations. This procedure takes place before client approval and the official release of the mobile application, ensuring a secure and robust product launch.

  • The Aegisbyte Mobile PTaaS cloud-based solution fuses the robust capabilities of the Aegisbyte Platform and Aegisbyte Pen Testing Services. This comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution offers periodic expert penetration testing, customized to your unique requirements and scheduling needs. Additionally, it delivers on-demand and continuous security assessments that are seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD and development toolchains. Tickets with embedded remediation resources are automatically generated, and the package also includes remediation consulting and industry-standard validation.

  • A specialized mobile application security testing service is designed to offer an in-depth examination of your mobile apps. Unlike standard penetration testing, this advanced service employs a multi-layered approach to identify both apparent and hidden vulnerabilities that could compromise the integrity and security of your mobile applications.

    Leveraging state-of-the-art tools, methodologies, and the deep expertise of our security analysts, the Full Scope Pen Test Deep Dive dissects every component of your mobile app. It starts with a comprehensive threat model that outlines potential security risks, followed by an exhaustive set of tests that cover the user interface, backend systems, data transmission processes, and even the third-party libraries used within the app.

  • The methodology involves both manual and automated testing techniques, leveraging sophisticated tools and frameworks to scrutinize each line of code, data flow, and user interaction within the targeted feature. To ensure the highest standards of scrutiny, the Targeted Scope Pen Test aligns with industry-standard security benchmarks such as the OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS).

  • The OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS) Penetration Test provided by Aegisbyte is an industry-leading service designed to assess your mobile applications' security posture comprehensively. This penetration testing service seeks to verify that your mobile applications adhere to the OWASP MASVS best practices, guidelines, and recommendations. In doing so, we provide you with an exhaustive understanding of your application's vulnerabilities and weaknesses, with the aim of securing your mobile application against potential threats.


Take a Step Towards Mobile DevSecOps

Aegisbyte allows the quickest path to safe mobile DevOps, whether your focus is on rapid mobile application security testing or integrating a solution into your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). To learn how Aegisbyte can effortlessly connect with your current DevOps toolchain and eliminate the need for developers to become comfortable with new technologies, schedule a consultation.

Enhanced Oversight of Mobile Apps and APIs Contributes to Elevated Mobile Risk Management

Industry-leading Software with Pen Testing Strength Coverage in Minutes

Designed for Mobile DevSecOps, the Aegisbyte Platform automates mobile app and API security and privacy testing. Fully compatible with CI/CD pipelines, the platform rapidly identifies critical issues and enables their prompt resolution. Enhances cross-team visibility in development, QA, and security, thereby enhancing risk management overall.

Mobile App Pen Testing Process and Toolkits Built by Pen Testers, for Pen Testers

Designed to manage complex mobile application configurations, the Aegisbyte team is outfitted with predefined, proprietary mobile app and API security tests. Using open-source tools such as Frida and Radare permits analysts to concentrate on identifying security and privacy flaws. Our proprietary toolset and seasoned security team are a win-win situation.

Rely on Experienced Mobile Security Analysts and Researchers

Professionals from Aegisbyte Services are readily available to impart their extensive knowledge on all facets of mobile app and API security. From providing penetration testing services to offering brief consultations on testing methodologies and assisting with the launch of a new mobile application security program, our team is here to provide individualized assistance.

Benefit from Industry-Leading Mobile App Security Testing (MAST)

For Mobile App Security Testing (MAST), witness Aegisbyte's capabilities firsthand.


World Class Mobile Penetration Testing

Comprehensively Evaluate Applications Through Full-Scope Penetration Testing Services

Boasting over eight years of experience in mobile app penetration testing, Aegisbyte tailors its services to each client through a detailed consultation that explores the mobile app's threat landscape, sensitive data handling, intellectual property, and potential exploitability. Aegisbyte's Full-Scope Pen Testing goes well beyond traditional web app assessments, employing specialized tools and strategies designed specifically for mobile platforms. This rigorous level of analysis draws on our experts' deep understanding of forensics, network security, mobile analysis, and reverse engineering to thoroughly assess your app and identify a wide range of security vulnerabilities. Subsequently, our analysts evaluate your application against industry-recognized mobile security standards and offer specialized guidance on remediation strategies aligned with best practices.


Scale Pen Testing Efficiently with Mobile Pen Testing as a Service

Close the divide between automated and manual mobile security evaluations for uninterrupted protection with Aegisbyte's Mobile Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS). Designed for cost-efficiency and effectiveness, Aegisbyte PTaaS blends scheduled expert manual reviews with continuous automated assessments to ensure comprehensive and frequent security coverage. Utilizing Aegisbyte PTaaS enables rapid issue detection earlier in the development pipeline, along with expert advice for swift security issue resolution. This accelerates the creation and deployment of top-tier, secure software.


Third-party Attestation

Upon completion of the initial penetration test, the substantive phase of collaboration with AegisByte experts commences. Instead of merely forwarding a report, our analysts serve as dedicated, trusted advisors to both your mobile app security and development teams. We arrange consultative sessions with both groups to dissect the test results and provide hands-on guidance to developers for remedying identified security flaws. In addition to providing mentorship and addressing any questions throughout the issue resolution process, AegisByte also performs complimentary retests, as relevant, for comprehensive scope and compliance evaluations.

Detect Insecure and Undocumented 'Shadow' APIs Associated with Mobile Applications

The development of API architectures has not only accelerated innovation and expansion but also widened the scope of possible mobile threats. Aegisbyte implements its Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) capabilities to exhaustively identify all mobile APIs. As a result, organizations can keep an eye on authorized APIs, fix unauthorized APIs, and mark as unsafe APIs that break the OWASP API Top 10 rules at the same time.

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