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Vulnerability Management

An Agile Pentest focuses on a specific area of an asset, or a specific vulnerability across an asset. Agile Pentesting is flexible in nature, and usually has a smaller scope.


To assist enterprises in proactively identifying, evaluating, and managing security vulnerabilities across their digital assets, Aegisbyte offers vulnerability scanning and management services.


Automated examinations of a network and its systems are used in vulnerability scanning to find software, application, and infrastructure flaws. These scans assist in locating possible avenues of entry for attackers and show vulnerable regions that require attention.


With the use of industry-leading technologies, Aegisbyte's vulnerability scanning services execute thorough scans of an organization's assets, including online apps, network hardware, and cloud infrastructure. The results are then analyzed by our team of certified security professionals, who evaluate the vulnerabilities and provide effective repair recommendations.

External Attack Surface Management – secure your business from the outside in

We implement our acclaimed technological solutions to accumulate, index, archive, and scrutinize vast quantities of cyber-risk data from diverse technical and non-technical sources.

Utilizing sophisticated analytical methodologies, encompassing machine learning, and the expertise of our adept analysts, we discern which vulnerabilities threat actors are targeting and the evolution of these threats.

Our vulnerability management goes beyond mere prioritization; it highlights the presence of critical vulnerabilities within your supply chain.

Information Gathering

Ensuring no asset remains overlooked during the vulnerability assessment.


On-demand scans ensure that newly introduced vulnerabilities are identified.


The report serves as a guide for IT and security teams to address vulnerabilities.

Assessing Vulnerabilities

Involves evaluating the severity and potential impact of each identified vulnerability.


External Attack Surface Management – Fortify your enterprise from external threats.

Are you aware of how an adversary perceives your digital footprint? Do you comprehend your appeal as a potential target? Have you evaluated how your risk profile intersects with existing vulnerabilities?

Aegisbyte's external attack surface management solution, augmented with digital risk protection capabilities, provides an all-encompassing perspective that mirrors what a potential assailant perceives about your organization.

We maintain relentless oversight of your attack landscape, facilitating foresight into potential attack trajectories. This empowers you to strategically allocate resources and prioritize remediation efforts for optimal efficacy.

Purple Podiums

Customized Pentest Services

We like to think of ourselves as the mad scientists of the cybersecurity world. We’re always thinking up new ways to keep our clients’ data safe and secure, and we’re constantly exploring new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. We’re a team of nerds, geeks, and misfits who are passionate about protecting our clients from the bad guys. We’re also pretty good at making sure the bad guys never find out who we are.


Our approach seamlessly integrates external attack surface management with advanced threat intelligence, enabling more precise and informed prioritization. Leveraging this intelligence, you gain insights into potential adversaries and their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). By concentrating on the vulnerabilities that adversaries actively exploit, you can optimize your security investments, ensuring both cost-efficiency and enhanced security.

Our dedicated threat analysis and collection team equips you with vital intelligence that potential attackers might utilize. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to:

✔ Identifying and notifying you of any compromised credentials associated with your organization.

✔ Monitoring underground forums and platforms for mentions related to your assets gives you an edge in preemptive defense.

✔ Alerting you to domain names that are strikingly similar to yours, which malicious actors might use for phishing or misinformation campaigns.

By leveraging this intelligence, you're not just reacting but proactively countering potential threats.



Internal & External (including cloud) Assessments


Web and API Application Assessments


Threat Models


Mobile Applications

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