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Agile Pentesting Pentest at the Speed of Your SDLC

An Agile Pentest focuses on a specific area of an asset, or a specific vulnerability across an asset. Agile Pentesting is flexible in nature, and usually has a smaller scope.

Pentesting for ALL Your  Needs

In the constantly changing landscape of cyberspace, where hackers target organizations regardless of their size, it's crucial for a company to prioritize safeguarding its technical infrastructure. Penetration testing serves this need effectively by detecting vulnerabilities, evaluating the potential impact, and addressing these weak spots before attackers can exploit them.

The various forms of penetration testing encompass network, web application, mobile application, cloud, and IoT penetration testing, among others.

Agile Pentesting Benefits

Scale Your Resources

Extend the reach of your security team by leveraging the Aegisbyte Core for smaller, ad hoc pentest engagements

Ship Code Securely

Accelerate your build-to-release timeline with alignment to DevSecOps workflows that are friction-free

Cover Your Assets

Proactively identify and address security gaps at a faster, more frequent rate to minimize risk before it reaches production 

Agile Pentesting Use Cases

Delta Testing

Unlike traditional penetration tests, which provide a snapshot of vulnerabilities at a given moment, delta penetration testing aims to continuously or periodically assess the security landscape to track changes, improvements, or deteriorations. This approach is valuable for organizations that have dynamic IT environments, frequent software updates, or undergo regular changes to their network configurations.

Microservice Testing

Each microservice is evaluated individually for security vulnerabilities, such as injection flaws, broken authentication, and insecure data storage.  The interactions between different microservices are also examined to identify potential security issues that may arise during inter-service communication.

New Release Testing

The process involves multiple layers of testing to evaluate both the software’s internal and external vulnerabilities. This can include, but is not limited to, examining code for injection vulnerabilities, conducting functional tests to identify issues with data storage and transfer, testing for authentication and authorization flaws, and evaluating the software's resistance to various types of cyber-attacks such as denial of service (DoS).

What Customers Are Saying

"I highly recommend Aegisbyte to other businesses in the agriculture sector. Their team of skilled penetration testers not only outperforms the competition but also provides tailored solutions that take into account the unique challenges of the agricultural industry. Their expertise adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind in a digitally connected world."


Aegisbyte Makes Agile Pentesting a Breeze

Looking to conduct a penetration test on a new software release or target a particular vulnerability? Aegisbyte offers experienced, certified penetration testers who are prepared to collaborate with you.

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