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Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


Mobile app penetration testing is crucial to identify and address security vulnerabilities that could leave the app open to attacks. The combined number of apps available on the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™ exceeds 6 million, making it essential for organizations to carry out effective mobile security testing across all app components. To ensure success, it is important to engage with a trusted partner that possesses decades of experience, excellent customer service, flexible scheduling, and a fast turnaround time.


Aegisbyte provides comprehensive mobile app security testing solutions that cover more than 25 industry frameworks, mobile app security standards, and compliance standards. These include NIST 800-53 cybersecurity, OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standard (MASVS), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Google Play Data Safety, and ADA Mobile App Security Assessment (MASA). By incorporating a range of analysis types and threat-based approaches, Aegisbyte's methodology enables thorough testing, identification, remediation, and validation of any security issues discovered.


To ensure the highest quality and fewer malicious exploits, Aegisbyte's methodology encompasses all possible pen test options, including the OWASP Mobile App Security Checklist, Frida, and Radare. Adopting a repeatable mobile penetration testing methodology enables organizations to improve the security posture of their mobile applications consistently.

We provide a robust suite of services across a variety of platforms to ensure the security of your network, systems, apps and devices.

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Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


Conducting a network penetration testing activity can provide valuable insights into the security posture of your organization's network assets. This information can help decision-makers and internal security teams identify vulnerabilities, loopholes, flaws, or weaknesses that attackers may exploit. By addressing these issues proactively, organizations can reduce the risk of successful attacks.


At Aegisbyte, a team of ethical hackers is available to perform offensive security services, including penetration testing, vulnerability management, and adversary simulation. These services can identify, prioritize, and remediate security flaws across an organization's entire digital and physical ecosystem.


Aegisbyte's Manual Penetration Testing Service is executed by a team of OSCP, OSCE, CEH, and SANS certified professionals who test networks from the perspective of both internal and external attackers. The team provides remediation recommendations to disable attackers from achieving their goals. Additionally, Aegisbyte's penetration testing service covers compliance pentests to help organizations meet regulatory requirements such as SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


Web application penetration testing evaluates security vulnerabilities, technical misconfigurations, and weaknesses in your web apps and APIs that attackers may exploit. Conducting web app pen tests is crucial for maintaining secure development and operational practices, meeting compliance mandates, and preventing business disruptions. Aegisbyte provides Application Security Testing for any type of web application, utilizing the OWASP Testing Guide for assessment methodology, real-world tactics, techniques, and procedures.


Aegisbyte's web app pen testing ensures comprehensive coverage of the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Risk Categories, including Broken Access Control, Cryptographic Failures, Injection, Insecure Design, Security Misconfiguration, Vulnerable and Outdated Components, Identification and Authentication Failures, Software and Data Integrity Failures, Security Logging and Monitoring Failures, and Server-Side Request Forgery.


Authenticated and unauthenticated web app testing are used to assess the security of web applications in different scenarios. The authenticated test assumes an attacker has breached external security or has valid user credentials to uncover the real damage a successful cyber attack could cause. The unauthenticated test simulates an attack on a publicly available webpage without valid user credentials.


Aegisbyte utilizes various techniques to uncover security flaws, including static source-code reviews (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). DAST techniques detect security weaknesses that only happen under operating conditions by simulating an attack on a running application. DAST and SAST are core components of a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC).


Aegisbyte's web app pen testers are experts in various web application technologies, independently certified by international standards for penetration testing, such as CREST, OSWE, and Burp Suite Certified Practitioner (BSCP). Aegisbyte is trusted by businesses globally, including SMBs, start-ups, and global enterprises.

Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


Managing cloud misconfigurations, ensuring compliance, and dealing with multi-cloud complexity is a daunting task even for the most experienced organizations. Conducting a comprehensive cloud penetration test is a crucial step towards evaluating the effectiveness of your current security posture.


The Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services instance configuration of an organization, along with the application code and assets residing in the environment, are frequently exposed to vulnerabilities. Aegisbyte provides penetration testing to assess the efficiency of cloud security programs and identify potential gaps that could jeopardize your information assets.


Aegisbyte uses the Assumed Access Model, in addition to a traditional uncredentialed Penetration Test, for cloud environments. Since attackers have unlimited time to find and use working credentials, the Assumed Access Model provides Aegisbyte with the same level of access an attacker would have if they compromised the application or the underlying application stack. Aegisbyte also delves deeper into the intended uses and internal workings of cloud services, focusing on leaked and compromised user credentials.



Aegisbyte provides the following services to help you:


  1. Gain an objective insight into the vulnerabilities that might exist within your cloud infrastructure.

  2. Test the environment using the latest attack intelligence and techniques.

  3. Identify systemic weaknesses in the cloud controls.

  4. Improve resilience against attacks.

  5. Evaluate the efficiency of your IT security defenses.

  6. Create a more secure cloud computing environment for all stakeholders.

Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


An organized method for identifying potential security threats and vulnerabilities and assessing the effect they might have on your organization is threat modeling. The threat modeling services offered by Aegisbyte assist you in identifying and addressing security concerns before they materialize into actual issues. Your organization's unique demands are considered as our team of security professionals collaborates with you to create and implement a thorough threat modeling approach.


  1. Planning and Scope Definition - The team at Aegisbyte will collaborate with your company to determine the precise assets, programs, and procedures that must be evaluated as part of the threat modeling procedure. In this step, the scope of the assessment is defined, the amount of detail needed is established, and the stakeholders are identified.

  2. Data gathering and analysis - The following step entails gathering data regarding the resources, programs, and procedures mentioned during the planning and scope definition phase. The team at Aegisbyte will review this data to find potential risks and weaknesses and assess how they might affect your company.


Threat Modeling: Using the information gathered and examined, the Aegisbyte team will create a thorough threat model at this phase. The potential risks and vulnerabilities found in the earlier stage, as well as their potential effects on your company, are outlined in this model. To reduce the risks indicated, the model will also provide suggested controls and defenses.

examine and Validation - After the threat model is created, Aegisbyte's staff and the pertinent members of your organization's management team will examine and validate it. By taking this step, you can be sure that the threat model adequately captures the security risks your company faces and that the suggested controls and remedies are both sensible and efficient.

Implementation: The process's last step entails putting the suggested safeguards and defenses described in the threat model into action. The staff at Aegisbyte will cooperate with your company to make sure that the adjustments required to address the identified security risks and vulnerabilities are made.


The Threat Modeling services from Aegisbyte are made to give your company a thorough and organized approach to identifying and addressing potential security threats and weaknesses. Your organization's vital assets, applications, and procedures are safe from cyber threats thanks to our knowledge and expertise.


To assist enterprises in proactively identifying, evaluating, and managing security vulnerabilities across their digital assets, Aegisbyte offers vulnerability scanning and management services.


Automated examinations of a network and its systems are used in vulnerability scanning to find software, application, and infrastructure flaws. These scans assist in locating possible avenues of entry for attackers and show vulnerable regions that require attention.


With the use of industry-leading technologies, Aegisbyte's vulnerability scanning services execute thorough scans of an organization's assets, including online apps, network hardware, and cloud infrastructure. The results are then examined by our team of certified security professionals, who subsequently rank the vulnerabilities and offer suggestions for effective repair.


Aegisbyte offers vulnerability management services, which include continual monitoring, evaluation, and mitigation of vulnerabilities throughout an organization's digital assets, in addition to vulnerability scanning services. Our team of specialists collaborates directly with businesses to create a unique vulnerability management program that includes frequent vulnerability scans, risk evaluations, and corrective actions.


The vulnerability management services provided by Aegisbyte additionally include continual monitoring of security threats and vulnerabilities, assistance for compliance mandates including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC 2. Our team offers frequent metrics and reports to assist businesses monitor their progress with vulnerability management and choose the best security posture.


Inclusive, enterprises can detect and manage security vulnerabilities across all of their digital assets thanks to Aegisbyte's vulnerability scanning and management services, which take a thorough and proactive approach. Organizations may strengthen their security posture and lower their risk of a security breach or cyberattack by collaborating with Aegisbyte.

Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


The emergence of new API architectures has been a catalyst for innovation and growth. However, it has also brought about new security risks to the mobile landscape. Aegisbyte's dynamic application security testing (DAST) enables organizations to track and identify all mobile-connected APIs, distinguish between approved and unapproved APIs, and alert to insecure APIs that violate the OWASP API Top 10. With a focus on comprehensive web application and API security and privacy testing, Aegisbyte helps organizations keep pace with CI/CD pipelines, accurately identify real issues, and provide maximum visibility across dev, QA, and security.


Regardless of the technology used by your API, Aegisbyte offers a range of solutions to keep it secure. The platform scans for vulnerabilities in REST, GraphQL, and SOAP APIs, providing extensive coverage for the OWASP API top 10, top CVEs, and business logic vulnerabilities, including those related to Java, Go, Node JS, AuthN, AuthZ, and sensitive data exposure. Aegisbyte's uniform API testing approach is based on dynamic payloads for standard tests and dynamic payloads for business logic vulnerabilities, such as BOLA, with virtually zero false positives.


Explore our products and services to learn more about your cybersecurity options, and receive a quote after initial scope discussion.


We take the time to hear about your needs and concerns and offer a unique perspective and valuable insights as well as a clear course of action to bring about the security your organization needs. 

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